The Grow Candy Light Bar has been specifically designed for those seeking to maximise yield with extreme energy efficiency and minimal heat. Our customised spectrum has been tested and proven to accelerate plant growth in all stages from vegetation to bloom.

The versatility of the Light Bar will enable growers to use it for a number of applications. Whether it be propagating, cloning, or adding extra light to speed up growth and maximise yield. The Grow Candy Light Bar is by far the best supplemental grow light for growers of all scales.

Length (mm)600mm1200mm
Power (w)40W80W
Area Coverage800x300mm1400x300mm
Spectrum440nm, 475nm, 640nm 660nm, 2300K, 6000K440nm, 475nm, 640nm 660nm, 2300K, 6000K
LED Qty13 Diodes28 Diodes
Lifespan50,000 hours50,000 hours
Warranty2 Years2 Years
A two year extended warranty is available for an additional $176 Only (GST inclusive)