LIQUID DYNAMITE is a powerful additive that is guaranteed to accelerate plant growth and bloom. LIQUID DYNAMITE contains a rich combination of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, major and minor nutrients, amino and alginic acids, enzymes, proteins and plant hormones. LIQUID DYNAMITE was formulated to increase your plant’s metabolic activity, reduce stress, increase immunity and improve overall health. These factors ensure that your plants utilise nutrients efficiently and effectively giving them the explosive energy boost they need to produce healthier foliage, increase yield and improve overall quality.

The Benefits Of Using LIQUID DYNAMITE Include:

Increased Root Systems & Flowering Sites

LIQUID DYNAMITE contains kelp extract which is a substance derived from seaweed. This natural substance is rich in auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins which are classes of plant hormones. These plant hormones are responsible for developing the plant body and increasing extensive root systems and flowering sites. Increased root systems accelerate nutrient and water uptake, which translates into increased plant growth and bloom. Using LIQUID DYNAMITE will result in vigorous vegetative growth and when used during the flowering cycle will result in vibrant blooms and improved fruit quality.

Reduced Plant Stress

LIQUID DYNAMITE helps your plants survive during stressful periods of growth, especially when germinating, transplanting or taking cuttings. When plants are grown under stressful conditions synthesis of vital substances can decrease thus forcing the plant to breakdown structural proteins in order to obtain what it needs. Plant stress can also weaken your plant’s immune system leaving them vulnerable to disease. Reducing plant stress will allow your plants to focus their energy on the main task of maximising yield.  

Increased Plant Health & Immunity

LIQUID DYNAMITE is rich in vitamins that will enable your plants to induce a systemic acquired resistance against many fungal, bacterial and viral infections. The damage resulting from a disease or pest can be visually interpreted by reduced yield and a weakened plant. Healthy and disease free plants facilitate vigorous growth and vibrant blooms.

Multiple Methods Of Use

LIQUID DYNAMITE is suitable for use with all growing mediums and substrates and is also highly effective as a foliar spray. Regardless of whether you grow with a hydroponic system or in soil, LIQUID DYNAMITE will rapidly trigger increased root mass enabling efficient uptake of the vitamins, minerals, organic acids and hormones needed to supercharge plant growth and vitality.  

LIQUID DYNAMITE will increase soil fertility, aeration and moisture retention. The Alginic acid in LIQUID DYNAMITE improves the crumb structure and water holding characteristics of soil. The aggregation of soil particles also increases the soil surface area which greatly facilitates chemical and biochemical exchange, thereby promoting increased productivity.

Foliar spraying with LIQUID DYNAMITE will supply nutrients to your plants via the leaves and efficiently translocate these nutrients to the roots. Antibiotics in the kelp extract will also help protect your leaves from infection when used as a foliar spray. Only use as a foliar spray every 7-10 days depending on the plant’s tolerance. Excess growth hormones on plant foliage may obstruct plant growth.

A two year extended warranty is available for an additional $176 Only (GST inclusive)