As growers we understand the difficulties that can arise when attempting to consistently produce high quality and high yield plants. In 2013 our founders had the vision to create a company that would offer growers with simple yet effective solutions to achieving their desired results. The philosophy behind our brand is about going back to basics. We believe that when it comes to growing, less is more, and a simplified high quality range of products in conjunction with our “back to basics” philosophy is a highly effective method for achieving exceptional results.

As the world’s demand for food and medicine increases, so are the hurdles associated with the supply to meet this growing demand. Climate change, poor soil conditions, unsustainable use of resources and irresponsible waste disposal are just some of the factors hindering our ability to not only care for our environment but also to consistently meet the demands of producing sufficient volumes of high quality food and medicine.

Grow Candy’s range of premium quality products are available in a wide range of stores across the country. Reputation is everything and maintaining high quality standards and after market service and support is essential to the success of any customer-centric business. This is why Grow Candy continues to deliver unmatched premium quality products and service.

Through extensive testing and development we are able to provide innovative hydroponic solutions to increase productivity and at the same time minimise the use of our precious resources.