Integrated LED technology also known as Chip On Board (COB) was initially used only for commercial warehouse and outdoor LED lighting. COB is the term used when a plurality of LED diodes are firmly integrated on a single light engine chip. Traditional LED grow lights use single diodes that are individually placed in one single clear housing that have an individual circuit for each diode. This technology is known as “surface mount device” (SMD). SMD basically means “not integrated” therefore requires more components to produce and has a less lumen per watt output.

The COB light engine module emits a high intensity light beam more powerful than any other LED grow light to date; yet consuming 30-50% less energy and 50-70% less heat emission compared to traditional HIDs.

Grow Candy is proud to be pioneers of COB technology in horticultural lighting.

Grow Candy COB Technology Vs The Competition

Efficient heat dissapation is a main factor contributing to the lifespan and light capacity of an LED diode, especially when it comes to high powered COBs. This is why Grow Candy's Patent Protected COB Chip is second to none with its advanced heat dissapating capabilities. The combination of copper and aluminium have been tested and proven to be the most efficient heat dissapating materials when applied to the COB LED lighting solution. See the difference in the industry wide aluminium COB chip compared to Grow Candy's patent protected aluminium and copper infused COB chip.

Grow Candy's Patent Protected COB
Typical Industry Wide Aluminium COB